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🤎 Uniek Nederlands product 🤎 Gratis verzending vanaf €70,- (NL) 🤎 Levertijd 2-5 werkdagen 🤎 Verpakt als cadeau

Het verhaal achter de nieuwe collectie

The story behind the new collection

The story behind the new collection

For the new collection we once again worked together with photographer Maureen Brinkhof (IAMaureen). Maureen always feels right to us and can create the perfect Mo-Ca atmosphere. We would like to create timeless collections with images that fit into any interior. Appropriate for the time of year. In a time when everything is moving so fast, there is a need for stillness.

In addition to our collection, IAMaureen has also photographed atmospheric images

Wondering how you can apply the new collection in your interior?
We have listed a number of beautiful examples for you:


Bring spring into your home with this beautiful eucalyptus on dutch old canvas.
We have chosen to show this dutch old canvas in a frame. We prefer to place the canvas on the plexiglass plate so that you get no reflection and a natural look.

To combine

We have made a nice combination for you. This makes it very clear that you can combine our canvas well and attach it in different ways. If you want to hang the canvas separately, use double-sided tape from Tesa.


Who doesn't love the hydrangea? Unfortunately, it does not bloom all year round, but there is a solution for that. With this beautiful dutch old canvas you can look at the blooming hydrangea all year round. We hung the dutch old canvas with our own designed poster hangers with extra magnets.

EucalyptusTo combineHydrangea

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