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Foto op canvas: jouw vakantiefoto's vereeuwigd!

Photo on canvas: your holiday photos immortalized!

Your photo on canvas makes the product even more personal and of course unique. At the beginning of the year I went backpacking through Australia. Below I tell you which photos I have hanging on the wall and why. During my trip through Australia I came across enough beautiful places. I think I could make a wall full of photos if I printed out all my photos. I keep all photos digitally and I have only three hung on the wall at the moment. A photo on canvas hangs in two different places.

Which photo on canvas?

1. An advantage is that during my trip I had created a separate Instagram account in which I shared highlights with anyone interested. This actually resulted in a small selection of photos.

2. From this selection I select the highlights. When I think back on this trip, what pictures would bring the whole story back to me?

3. Are there times when you have done new things or moments that have made you feel special?

4. Your selection should now be getting smaller and smaller. Then I look at quality, which colors go together and most importantly: what do I like as a photo on canvas, to have on my wall? When the colors don't match, I often switch to black and white.

5. When I have made my selection for a photo on canvas, I often look for another text. Often a quote of what the journey has taught me or what I think fits the journey

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